For all members, you will find current status, affiliation, e-mail and work phone number.

Administrative assistant

  • Magali RICHIR, magali.richir @, ☎ 22707


PhD Students

  • Atheer ALNAJDI, alnajdi @, co-supervised by Frederic PRECIOSO and Nicolas PASQUIER
  • Katy Blanc, kblanc @, co-supervised by Frederic PRECIOSO and Diane LINGRAND
  • Somsack INTHASONE, somsacki @, co-supervised by Andrea G. B. TETTAMANZI and Nicolas PASQUIER
  • Romaric PIGHETTI, pighetti @, co-supervised by Denis and Frédéric, ☎ 25084
  • Ameni, co-supervised by Christel, Célia and Frédéric
  • Stéphanie LOPEZ, co-supervised by Diane and Frédéric
  • Lucas MALLEUS, supervised by Frédéric
  • Ayat Allah ALY ABD EL HALIM, supervised by Christel, Frédéric and Michel RIVEILL
  • Romain BARDIAU, supervised by Célia and Frédéric

Former Members